Service Activites


Alms giving to 85 Buddhist monks

By lions Club of PADUKKA on 2019-07-03
Project Chairman : Harsha Pathirana

Almsgiving to 85 Buddhist monks at Sunethra Devi Pirivena, Pepiliyana at the beginning of the year to obtain blessings for District Governor and newly elected club officers of Lions Club of Padukka.

Morning meal distribution to the elderly people

By lions Club of PADUKKA on 2019-07-01
Project Chairman : Chandana Gamalath

1st day of each month we distribute morning meal to the elderly people who use to come to Padukka Post Office to collect their Social Welfare Grant paid by the government of Sri Lanka. Breakfast value: LKR 150.00 (Approximately per person)

Religious Ceremony

By lions Club of Rukmale on 2019-08-08

Religious Ceremony to Bless District Governor and family with District Cabinet

Sponsership for the Leo Walk

By lions Club of Rukmale on 2019-05-03
Project Chairman : Gaya Upasena

Provided a Generator to Leo Walk ad requested by Leos of District 306C2