Donated electric Patient Bed to Horana Base Hospital BY L.C of MAHARAGAMA GOLDEN CITY

A project which was initiated by Lion Navin Senadira was able to complete on his birthday. we were able to donate an electric patient bed to Hoarana Base Hospital and this bed was donated by our oen liuon lady Pushpa mendis MAF.

Planted tree around the ground and along the road sided in front of the school premises BY L.C of K

Planted trees around the playground and along the roadsides in front of the school premises

Tree Planting Program BY L.C of MAHARAGAMA GOLDEN CITY

25 plus Trees Planting program parallels to the our club outing on September 21 2020 in the Haridra Resort and spa hotel

Distribution of Food Parcels for needy peoples in Pandemic Situation BY L.C of MAHARAGAMA GOLDEN CIT

Providing 125 Fried rice Lunch packets for the needy workers during the Pandemic situation in the area of Borelesgamuwa.

Renovation of Bundala Junior School BY L.C of MAHARAGAMA GOLDEN CITY

Provided funds for the project reconstruction and conservation project at buundala Junior school, Buundala Hambanthota. This project was carried out as a district signature project and it was a collective effort of lions clubs of region 3 and great lions of district 306c2 including Governor. it was a complete renovation project of the school. Removed existed cement sand layers, which have dilapidated and lay new cement sand layers and smoothly finish the floor. Removed damage plastering and replaced plastering of the walls. project included all labor works and materials supplied for the renovation.

Donation of water bottles BY L.C of PADUKKA

Donation of 500nos water bottles for base hospital homagama

Planting trees BY L.C of HOMAGAMA DIAMONDS

Distribution of 300 kohomada plants to 300 children

Donation of Computer System to Bundala School Project BY L.C of Rukmale

Donated a Computer System to School Children

වසංගතයක් නොවන්නට පෙළගැසෙමු. BY L.C of HOMAGAMA CENTRAL

Due to the current pandemic situation, Lions club of Homagama Central decided to conduct an awareness project to minimize the spreading of Covid-19 virus. With the sponsorship of our Lions club of Homagama Central, along with Homagama MOH and Homagama Pradeshiya sabha had done a campaign to paste stickers describes the preventive actions to be taken from Covid-19. Posters were pasted in every shops and places where people mostly gathered. As the Lions clubs serve the community in various ways we thought this awareness programme was very timely and branding the Lion image together with this posters was very thoughtful and a smart way to communicate this message as one of Lions clubs awareness and branding. This was done 9th November 2020 in Homagama, Uduwana and Meegoda areas. Project chairperson Lion Chandana Marasinghe MAF Lions club President Lion lady Shiromi Ganegoda, Lion P.W. Weerasinghe MAF MJF, Lion Palitha Samaraweera, Lion Udeshi Gunarathne participated for this valuable project.

Happy Lions Family BY L.C of HOMAGAMA DIAMONDS

Repairing the trishow at the Moh BY L.C of HOMAGAMA DIAMONDS

Repaired the vehicle and provided fuel


As per the special request by the blood bank, the project was held during the covid 19 pandemic. The blood bank appreciated the project.