Parental Advice on how to deal the teenagers without misleading by others

MMAH Ahamed Sabir
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Kattankudy MAF Excellence
Zone 02
Region 02
Al Bahriya MV (NS), Kalmunai
A group of mothers selected from the students of Grade 10,11 & 12 were made to participate in the awareness program on dealing the teenagers without making them in distressing mentality. A woman counselling officer (lawyer) conducted the session fruitfully. 50 mothers participated in the program and expressed their concern on this. They were provided some necessary materials for the use of their teenage students.
10 hour(s)
MMAH Ahamed Sabir
2023-04-16 04:47:39
2023-04-16 04:47:39
90, 000.00 LKR